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Beaver Hills

The Beaver Hills is named for the 100 foot hill named Beaver Hill since Colonial days. Most of the land on this upland remained undeveloped pasture and forest until the early 1900s when the Beaver Hills Development Company began constructing a automobile suburb. On the neighborhood's southern border, Whalley Avenue served as its main commercial corridor.
Beaver Hills Tennis Club Crescent St Fournier St    
Beaver Hills Tennis Club 591-93 Winthrop Avenue, Dorothy Randle, winner, left and Mabel Turk, runner-up, right 1921 Crescent Street, Arthur N. Farnham Farm. Photographed by John T. Sloan April 1, 1900 Fournier Street looking east towards West Rock c1945    
Joseph Taylor Collection
37 Carmel St 37 Carmel St 37 Carmel St 355 Whalley Ave 395 Whalley Ave
37 Carmel Street c1915 37 Carmel Street c1915 37 Carmel Street c1915 355 Whalley Avenue corner Winthrop Avenue c1905 395 Whalley Avenue corner Norton Street c1905
Westville Cemetery Pine Rock      
Whalley Avenue, Westville Cemetery looking towards Hamilton Park Pine Rock from Wintergreen Avenue c1872